Golden World Awards 2015:

A Fistful of Pebble, directed by Somchanrith Chap - Director, international film, cinematography, actor
Agur, directed by David Pérez Sańudo - International film
American Hikikomori, directed by Landis Stokes - International film
Arde Lucus, directed by Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto - Director
As The Crow Flies, directed by Ian Burton - International documentary
Becky's Journey, directed by Sine Plambech - International documentary
Belitter, directed by Mathankumaran - International film, director
Bounce, directed by Rory Lowe & DC Barclay - International film, story, cinematography
Brigade de Cuisine, directed by Javier Arcelus Cano - Newcomer
Buddha in a traffic jam, directed by Vivek Agnihotri - International film, story, director
Cheese Dog: The Movie, directed by Justin Ulloa, Jamie Dwyer - International film, director, newcomer
Children of War - Nine Months to Freedom, directed by Mrityunjay Devvrat - Director
Dreamalities, directed by Damien Steck - Cinematography
Escapes (Huidas) directed by Mercedes Gaspar - Director, actress
FDAD, directed by Samia Rida - Director, international film
Feeling the Love Flute, directed by Yinghai Deng - International film, story
Fixated, directed by Anjani Pandey - Director
I Loved You So Much, directed by Orhan Tekeoglu - International film
In A Cobweb, directed by Cheryl Hassen - International documentary
La Scultura, directed by Mauro John Capece - Actress, cinematography
Life is for Living, directed by Danny Phillips - International film


Maidan Massacre, directed by John Beck Hofmann - International documentary
Manislam-Islam and Masculinity, directed by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen - International documentary
Motel Providence, directed by Derek Frey - Editing, cinematography, actor (Steve Kuzmick)
Paths We Walk, directed by Scott Granville and Ben Woollen - Story
Sacred Journey of the Heart, directed by Skip Thomas - Story, cinematography, editing
Sea Gypsies, directed by Matt Everett - International documentary
Shadow Play, directed by Rohini Kumar - International film, director
Shut, directed by Sun-young Hong - International film
Steppe man, directed by Shamil Aliyev - International film
Stopover, directed by Carmina Sera Jose - Newcomer
Strobe Light, directed by Ryo Katamoto - Newcomer
Summer's End, directed by Stefanie Klemm - International film
Tara-the Journey of Love & Passion, directed by Kumar Raj - Actress
Tarsier Tales directed by Mark Wild, Adrian Cale, Tom Hooker, Mark Sharman - Cinematography
The Boar King, directed by Chen-Ti Kuo - Newcomer
The Glass Man, directed by We Ra - International documentary
The Maid, directed by Paul Emmanuel - International film, newcomer
The Man On The Cross, directed by Matt Everett - International documentary
Thunderlust and the Middle Beast, directed by Steve Pratt - Newcomer
Tick Tock, directed by Zeynep Kocak - International film, newcomer, story, director
To Climb a Gold Mountain. directed by Alex Azmi - International documentary
Wedlocked, directed by Samia Zaidi - Story




International Student and Newcomer
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